I am working on a Reporting Module implementation in a development
environment and not all eDirectory events are making it to my EAS
server. Specifically the idmrpt_user_events_v view is blank and
therefor the 'out of the box' User Password Changes within the Vault
report does not populate with any data. I have the recommended settings
setup through iManager Roles and Tasks >> eDirectory Auditing >> Audit
Configuration and the logevent.cfg file configured to send data to the
EAS server. Part of the logevent.cfg configuration is selecting a local
folder to cache the event data; this folder has not been populated with
any data.

My issue sounds like it is the same as a former post
https://forums.netiq.com/archive/index.php/t-2029.html which has the
following recommendation:

"The report is looking for 11 specific Audit Events. So, if you have
not enabled eDirectory Auditing for the 11 events then the tables and
the View will not have the data that is being queried for. This is
similar to the requirement for the "User Password Changes within the
Identity Vault" report."

I have enabled eDirectory Auditing but it seems like I have missed a
step in the configuration.

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