After a recent upgrade to IDM 4.0.2 we installed the new remote loader
from the 4.0.2 install disc. The upgrade and remote loader install all
seemed to go fine and the system is up and running. Now we are wanting
to do some Exchange 2013 integration with an AD driver but are not
finding the file identified in the driver and remote loader docs.
Section C.4.2 of the 4.0.2 AD driver doc refers to installing the IDM
Powershell Service by using the .NET InstallUtil to run the IDM exe file
where "the default location of the service is
C:\novell\remoteloader\<Version>\IDMPowerShellServ ice.exe". When going
to that location I see the IDM Powershell service files for Exchange
2007 and Exchange 2010 (as they are identified with their file names:
IDMEx2010Service.exe and IDMEx2007Service.exe which match the doc) but I
do not see the file mentioned for Exchange 2013. Any ideas where my exe
went? Searching the file system for the specified file name also does
not return any results.

Is there some other location I can find that file? From what I
understand it was suppose to be included when the remote loader was


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