We are planning to load a bunch of users into the IDVault. This will be
done using the JDBC driver.
The approach that is required is to set a default password for the users
in the IDVault when they get created.
At this point we do not want the password to synchronize to the
connected systems.

What we want to do now is, to have the user login to the User
Application and change the password from there.
When this new password is set, we want it to be synchronized to the
connected systems - mainly Active Directory and eDIrectory.

According to you guys what would be the easiest and the cleanest way of
doing this. One way that we could think of is to keep the drivers turned
off and clear the cache after the users have been created in the
IDVault. But my concern is that we might not then get any associations
for the users to these systems.

Is there any other way ? Or what is the usual approach for handling this
- specially with the initial user load.


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