A long time ago customer added to the User class a multi value attribute
"Tickets". Later when IDM came they create an Aux Class "HelpDesK" with
an Aux attribtute "HDTickets".
This was done so that the User Object wouldnt have to be extended in the
other trees. Could have done schema mapping at that time but they wanted
schema even across trees.

I have a policy in a NULL driver that if Tickets is changing clear
source HDTickets and re-add the values from Tickets. Works good. But
its not two way.

Thought about a new Policy that if HDTickets changing clear and
repopulate Tickets. But wouldn't this create a loop?

Can I use a Null driver with a schema mapping to make the two values
equal? Would I add just add User Class with Tickets attribute as
Identity objects and HelpDesk and HDTickets as Application objects?

Help understanding options would be appreciated.


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