We have developed a forgot password web application, which enables users
to choose from 3 different types of password change. Via the UA, which
redirects the user to the UA forgot password site. A SMS options, with
an SMS passphrase sent to the users phone, and a third, more complex
one, which incorporates the official Danish user authentication method
for public services. Now, what I would like to do, is have the Forgot
password link, which the Client Login Extensions module adds to client
pc's Windows login screen, redirect to my web application. The user then
has the 3 choises. But if I click for example, the UA link, I get the
"Access is restricted to your target server". I guess I could install
the web application on the UA server which would solve it, but is there
any other way of getting around that issue? I also think the third
options would trigger this problem. It uses the Access Manager to
authenticate the user, and I think it does an actual redirect to the
Identity Server, so that would trigger the error aswell. Also, it seems
like all CSS styling dissapears in the restricted IE window. Everything
is just plan white background and black text. Any way to fix that?

Thanks in advance,


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