I have a production tree and a vault tree that I created an attribute in
called PUSDloc. In both trees I created it as a string, ignore case,
single valued and assigned it to the User class. In my schema mapping
rule, I have matched it up under the User class, and in the filter I
have told it sync both ways.

If I go to my ID Vault tree and change it, it won't sync over to the
production tree, although the production tree sees an event and in fact
shows me that value of the id vault attribute PUSDloc as being changed.

This has always plagued these two drivers and in the past, I simply
stepped around it by querying the source or destination attribute
PUSDloc to manually see if it had changed.

It's getting old. I need to solve this problem. In this situation I
went to the ID vault tree and modified PUSDloc for a user to become
\pusd\hs\rbhs\users\teachers. On the production side, that associated
user is already \pusd\unassigned. I want that value to be changed to
the same value as the vault tree. Should be simple, huh?

I'm not sure how to include a trace, since it's larger than what the
post allows.

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