I am testing the upgrade of my environment from 3.6.1 to 4.0.2 (Patch2).
Just to get an initial feel with IDM 4.0.2, I imported the configuration
of my production eDirectory drivers into the 4.0.2 based driver sets.
These IDM 4.0.2 driver sets are running on eDir 8.8 SP7 Patch4 for now
on a 64-bit RHEL 6.4. The drivers started as expected. When I shut them
down in iManager though, I am noticing they dont shut down right away.
I am getting that message that "the driver could not be shut down on
both trees. There is no load at all in this environment.

After the trace completes (see below), I cannot restart the driver. If I
try to connect to the port I am using (I used netcat), I get a
connection reset. That is enough to release the port and let me restart
the driver. After the port seems to be released, the driver starts fine
with no indication of any problem (level 3 trace) to the extent of my

At first I thought my IDM 3.6.1 configuration file could be missing
something needed by the updated driver, but the same problem is
happening when I deploy an eDirectory driver configured from scratch
using Designer 4.0.2 U3.

I noticed some other post about a similar issue with the SOAP Driver. Is
this issue related? Unfortunately that thread got only 1 response.

These are the last few lines of a trace at level 3. I will provide any
more information that might be needed.

[09/24/13 16:57:50.224]:IDV2AUTH ST:Received state change event.
[09/24/13 16:57:50.226]:IDV2AUTH ST:Transitioned from state
'%+C%14CStarting%-C' to state '%+C%14CRunning%-C'.
[09/24/13 16:57:50.229]:IDV2AUTH ST:Successfully processed state change
[09/24/13 16:58:32.610]:IDV2AUTH ST:Received state change event.
[09/24/13 16:58:32.611]:IDV2AUTH ST:Transitioned from state
'%+C%14CRunning%-C' to state '%+C%14CShutdown Pending%-C'.
[09/24/13 16:58:32.614]:IDV2AUTH ST:Successfully processed state change
[09/24/13 16:58:32.616]:IDV2AUTH ST:Leaving event loop.
[09/24/13 16:58:32.616]:IDV2AUTH ST:Shutting down DirXML driver
[09/24/13 16:58:32.618]:IDV2AUTH ST:No shutdown policies.
[09/24/13 16:58:32.619]:IDV2AUTH ST:: Received shutdown.
[09/24/13 16:58:32.619]:IDV2AUTH :: Connection monitor thread exiting.
[09/24/13 16:58:32.620]:IDV2AUTH ST:: Stopping listener...
[09/24/13 16:58:32.622]:IDV2AUTH ST:: Listener stopped.
[09/24/13 16:58:32.623]:IDV2AUTH ST:: Received shutdown.
[09/24/13 16:58:32.623]:IDV2AUTH STriverShim.shutdown() returned:
[09/24/13 16:58:32.624]:IDV2AUTH ST:
<nds dtdversion="4.0">
<product instance="IDV2AUTH" version="">DirXML Driver for
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<status level="success"/>
[09/24/13 16:58:32.629]:IDV2AUTH ST:Waiting for Publisher thread to
terminate. Maximum wait time is 60 seconds.
[09/24/13 16:59:32.631]:IDV2AUTH ST:Publisher thread did NOT terminate
(timed out).
[09/24/13 16:59:32.728]:IDV2AUTH STriver terminated.
[09/24/13 16:59:32.730]:IDV2AUTH ST:Writing XML attribute

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