Hello, everyone.

I'm getting a strange (to me) merging affect from some of the objects
which I am querying. I am using the Delimited Text Driver to generate a
CSV file by using both data from Object A and Object B. I use a
reference number in Object A to query Object B for demographic data.

In a small portion of the queried Objects an association to the driver
doing the querying is being added (confirmed in iManager). I would have
expected this, though I would have expected all the Objects being
queried to have the association applied.

Anyway, the Objects which are getting the association are returning the
data being requested with the association (email) merged to it. Which I
guess sounds logical.

1) How can I get rid of this association?
2) Why are not all the Objects queried by the Driver getting this

Please see my code and output below.

Thank you oh great and powerful wizards for any advice.


// code

<do-set-local-variable name="contactAddress" scope="policy">
<token-query datastore="src" max-result-count="1">
<arg-match-attr name="ID">
<arg-value type="string">
<token-attr name="relationShipID1"/>
<token-text xml:space="preserve">addressLine1</token-text>

// log file - non corrupted - no email association with query

<product edition="Standard" version="">DirXML</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<instance class-name="User"
<attr attr-name="addressLine1">
<value timestamp="1372078600#80" type="string">605 W. 56th

<query-token>rO0ABXNyACxjb20ubm92ZWxsLm5kcy5kaXJ4bWwuZW5n aW5lLk5EU1JlYWRlciRUb2tlbuWeJE0ga5xBAgACSgAFc3RhbX BJAAlzdGF0ZUhhc2h4cAAAAUeI47iVJAKeJQ==</query-token>
<status level="success"></status>

// Data Out

5432027 Cop Al Grace 12/13/2001 F 2018 9 *605 W. 56th St. Mission
KS 66113 913-555-2391*

// log file - corrupted data - email associated with query

<product edition="Standard" version="">DirXML</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<instance class-name="User"
<association state="associated">jcop@yahoo.com</association>
<attr attr-name="addressLine1">
<value timestamp="1402425170#11" type="string">4663 Fair

<query-token>rO0ABXNyACxjb20ubm92ZWxsLm5kcy5kaXJ4bWwuZW5n aW5lLk5EU1JlYWRlciRUb2tlbuWeJE0ga5xBAgACSgAFc3RhbX BJAAlzdGF0ZUhhc2h4cAAAAUeI47ZtCcgEMg==</query-token>
<status level="success"></status>

// Data Out

2654932 Cop Sawyer Brice 5/8/2009 M 2026 1 *jcop@yahoo.com4663 Fair
Ave. jcop@yahoo.comKansas
City jcop@yahoo.comMO jcop@yahoo.com64112 jcop@yahoo.com(816) 417-3029*

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