I have a rather big problem.

I am running Novell IDM 4.0

We have an Active Directory Driver, running, and fully-operational

The driver takes care of over 300 users in our company (their user
accounts, passwords, emails, etc). They are created in IDM.......and
provisioned to AD.

Anyway, I recently committed a blunder : I accidentally erased the
"associations" in the AD driver (found under "*Driver Inspector"*, in
the driver Menu)

So, now, when changes are made to a user-account in IDM, these changes
are not sent to AD. We get the error : "*LDAP Object Already
Exists*"..........which makes perfect sense.

The only solution now is to : DELETE all user accounts in
AD.........and provision/migrate them again from IDM.

The obvious problem with this is : this would erase all user passwords,
which are currently active on many systems, including workstations and
email accounts. Not to mention a bunch of other problems.

Is there any other way to someone "recover" or "retrieve" those


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