I feel like I've covered this territory before... but here we go again.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64
Remote Loader 4.0.2 x64
AD Driver 4.0.2 x64

We are having a problem where RLTrace.exe, which is responsible for the
trace window, is bloating memory.

I noticed no trace window is appearing and was wondering whether that
was part of the problem.

The trace window appears if I set the RL service to log in as Local
System. However for the AD Driver the service must log on as an AD user.
In this case the window doesn't appear. Is there a rights setting to
make the window appear?

I also wonder where the window goes if no one is logged into the

I am already working with a Novell engineer on this, but I thought I'd
see if you had some tips.


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