ok guys -
5 years is a long time to resurrect a thread but - we have a similar
large university environment here where customers are required to be
"moved" all over the place around start of year -
brand new front end edirectory all oes linux 11.2 - edir 2080305 and
idm402 fully patched - and we still had a bad day with edir driver
moves -
we've seen the "inhibit move" scenario and the obit issues there caused
by double moves on same object - so have programmatically avoided that -
but with idm402 on a read/write single partition - reports were just of
very slow moves -
question - is the scenario declared in this thread (run the idm driver
from the master replica) - still relevant today with latest sles, edir
and idm on 64 bit systems?
many thanks
Mike Earnshaw

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