We are using IDM4.0.2, and use the bi-directional eDirectory driver. Our
eDirectory tree has 2 organizations (o=orgA, and o=orgB).

Currently, I have to use 2 drivers, each points at different base
container (o=orgA, and o=orgB). The 2 drivers have almost everything
same except for the mapping tables used for user placement. Users moved
cross the organizations will trigger extra sync (removed association
from the first driver, then add association to the second driver)

What should be the value to put in the Driver Parameter -> Publisher
Options -> eDirectory base container to allow one driver to sync with
the tree with 2 organizations. I tried different format, dot, rootdse,
etc, not working.

Or what's the best approach to allow one driver to handle both
organizations. There is no policy difference between the 2 organizations
in the same tree, and it's not in my hands to merge them to one.


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