Hello All,
i'm getting "Code(-9010) An exception occurred:
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" on one of my eDir-eDir
driver. So I have updated the java heap size to 500mb via driverset
properties and restarted the eDirectory on the server. I'm still seeing
the same errors. I added a rule (which was mentioned in the following
http://tinyurl.com/qavrwhr) to the driver to get current heap and max
heap size. Below is the trace...

:eDirectory ST: arg-string("Current heap size:
"+token-xpath("java.lang.Runtime:totalMemory((java.lang.Ru ntime:getRuntime()))"))
:eDirectory ST: token-text("Current heap size: ")
:eDirectory ST:
token-xpath("java.lang.Runtime:totalMemory((java.lang.Ru ntime:getRuntime()))")
:eDirectory ST: Token Value: "60293120".
:eDirectory ST: Arg Value: "Current heap size: 60293120".
:eDirectory ST:Current heap size: 60293120
:eDirectory ST: Action: do-trace-message(level="0","Current heap
"+token-xpath("java.lang.Runtime:freeMemory((java.lang.Run time:getRuntime()))")).
:eDirectory ST: arg-string("Current heap free:
"+token-xpath("java.lang.Runtime:freeMemory((java.lang.Run time:getRuntime()))"))
:eDirectory ST: token-text("Current heap free: ")
:eDirectory ST:
token-xpath("java.lang.Runtime:freeMemory((java.lang.Run time:getRuntime()))")
:eDirectory ST: Token Value: "4478648".
:eDirectory ST: Arg Value: "Current heap free: 4478648".
:eDirectory ST:Current heap free: 4478648
:eDirectory ST: Action: do-trace-message(level="0","Maximum heap
"+token-xpath("java.lang.Runtime:maxMemory((java.lang.Runt ime:getRuntime()))")).
:eDirectory ST: arg-string("Maximum heap size:
"+token-xpath("java.lang.Runtime:maxMemory((java.lang.Runt ime:getRuntime()))"))
:eDirectory ST: token-text("Maximum heap size: ")
:eDirectory ST:
token-xpath("java.lang.Runtime:maxMemory((java.lang.Runt ime:getRuntime()))")
:eDirectory ST: Token Value: "60293120".
:eDirectory ST: Arg Value: "Maximum heap size: 60293120".
:eDirectory ST:Maximum heap size: 60293120

even after setting up max heap size to 500mb, I'm seeing only 58mb.
Could some one help me on why dhost is not picking up the change I made
to java heap. Thanks.

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