Hi all,

We have a bi-dir edir driver that syncs users between our normal tree
and identity vault. Currently it's not doing what it should
A trace of the driver starting up and trying to do create a user is
available at: http://www2.ettyhillesumlyceum.nl/edir.txt
The driver just hangs on the krugerm account. I've verified that it has
a distribution password. It tries to create it over and over and over.

I've performed an extensive health check on the replica's in the
production tree and didn't find any problems. Everything is in sync, no
obits, good performance. If I make a change to a user in the vault, the
change is synced to the production tree. This made me think about the
'other' side. The driver points to our primary master, which is
OES11SP1, completely patched. ndstrace -c modules show both dxevent and
ldapxs running. ndstrace +dxml +dvrs shows nothing but an empty screen.
rpm -ql novell-DXMLChlgx-4.0.1-0 gives the correct output:
ehl-lx01:~ # rpm -ql novell-DXMLChlgx-4.0.1-0

Any ideas before I open an SR?



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