I'm working on fixing a Delimted text (Aleph) driver which seems to be
re-processing an event on the subscriber channel and i'm not sure why.

Currently the driver is used to create an XML document with user
attributes depending on what Vault attributes are present.

There is a rule in the command Transformation which creates an
association using the WorkforceID and this works correctly, however once
the association is made the Command Transform then re-runs through all
the rules, so the resultant file it submits has the user's details as an
<Add> and appended below it has the details as a <Modify>. The expected
behavior is to have it process it as an <add>, then submit the document
and stop there.

The rules are all working correctly, I'm just not sure why the Command
Transform re-runs when an association is made.

I've tried moving the Add association rule to the Output Transform but
it then no longer works and all events that come through as an Add even
when there is an existing association.

I can try to post a level 3 trace if needed, but I was hoping to get a
higher level understanding of why the Command Transformation
re-processes all its rules if an association is made there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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