Hi All,

We've got a Bi-Directional eDir driver. When I create a user from
iManager I keep getting the error MISSING_MANDATORY and I'm guessing
it's the password but I'm not entirely sure how that's possible.
After this, the driver doesn't sync anything else, it just retries this
object over and over.

This is how I break it and get it fixed:
- Create user->Sync fails on missing mandatory
- Stop driver
- Stop eDir on the connected system
- go to /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data/dib
- rm *.TAO
- Start eDir
- Start driver on IDM system
- Migrate into vault on driver, select User->CN->input CN
- Voila, it syncs, no problem at all

Now the quirck is that I haven't actually changed anything in the
account, I didn't set another password or whatever.

I ran a complete health check, updated to the latest IDM patches on both
the IDM system and installed the newest changelog driver on the
connected system, which did not fix it. I can easily reproduce this by
creating another account.

Here's the trace: http://pastebin.com/Up5pt4fj

Any ideas?

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