SOAP Driver version:

eDirectory for Linux x86_64 v8.8 SP6 [DS]
IDM 4.0.1 Standard Edition Patch 2a
OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)

I am using out of the box driver configuration running on local,
listening on Publisher channel on secured port 8891. KMO is SSL
CertificateIP. The ndsd service utilizes 100% of CPU at all time after
the first request came through Publisher channel. This issue doesn't
occur when KMO is not used. The CPU utilization rate drops to normal
after the driver has been restarted.

Full log level 10 is available at

Here is the Request Sample:

<dsml:batchRequest xmlns:dsml="urnasis:names:tcSML:2:0:core"
<dsml:searchRequest dn="ou=users,o=nmit" scope="wholeSubtree"
derefAliases="neverDerefAliases" sizeLimit="1000">
<dsml:equalityMatch name="CN">
<dsml:equalityMatch name="objectclass">
<dsml:attribute name="cn"/>
<dsml:attribute name="sn"/>
<dsml:attribute name="l"/>

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