When I am migrating all users from AD to IDM then users are synchronized
without password. At present if I reset password of migrated user in AD
then passwords are reflecting to IDM / New users are reflecting to idm
with password.I am migrating users from AD driver -> Migrate into
Identity Vault.. ->Class User -> CN=* option. I have migrated previously
using same process with password. I have noticed below Error suddenly.

<status event-id="This check-password result is expected. It is the
result of the shim verifying that the driver object password is
non-empty." level="error">Code(-9046) Invalid password specified for

Action taken: A) Reset password of remoteloader/driver object of
RL/Application password
B) Removed RL cache(.XML)
C) Removed authentiation context

I have collected AD Trace log and RL trace log.. But log size are too
big and can't post.. Please advice which part of trace log will be help

Please Advice..

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