We have eDirectory (887) to eDirectory bi-directional driver.
Information flows from META to eDir1 and back, edir1 to META. IDM
version is 4.0.2.

eDir1 has attribute called managerdn. META has attribute managerID.
Current drivers edir1toMETA and METAtoeDir1 has managerID mapped to
managerDN to sync. A rule in policy adds the rest of the DN to ID and
writes to managerDN in edir1. Similar changes will flow if edir1 has
managerDN, driver edir1 to META will add managerID to META.

ManagerID: X12345
ManagerDN: uid=X12345,dc=company1,dc=com

Driver ID: EDIR
Driver version:

_*New_requirement_&_question:*_Now there is requirement to add managerID
to edir1 as well. I am not sure where to put that on exiting driver &
how to do it. Need some suggestion? We do not want to change anything
with existing and get this new requirement done. Please advise.


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