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I am facing challenge to achieve one requirement .... any Help will be
appriciated. Thanks.

I have two process , process-1st and proces-2nd. The first process-1st
started and then due to some business logic it suspended and wait for
process-2nd to complete.
Once the process-2nd completes. Then the process-1st should resume and

Here is Real Time scenario -

Requirement-1. create user account in a IDM and provision to a specific
OU of AD at same time (say user = 354588)
Requirement-2. create OU in AD (say ou=Brazil) based on a event from a
target system(Mainframe)

- If in AD the OU (say ou=Brazil) already exist then user created in IDM
and provisioned to 'Brazil' ou easily. Simple!
- But if suppose ou=Brazil is not present, then the process should be in
suspended state (event from Target System is processed, now i will not
get the event again from target system)

- Now once the request for OU (Brazil) creation comes, Then after the
OU=Brazil completed. The first user createion Request for user (354588)
should resume/proceed and create the user in ou=Brazil.

Here the request for ou=Brazil creation may take at most 2 to 3 days
time. So the firt task/process will be in suspended state

Hint- Even if ou=brazil is not present, Can we create user in IdM with
not active status and once the ou=Brazil creation request comes, then we
can activate the user(s) and invoke the request to provision the user in
AD with ou=Brazil

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