we have idm 4.0.2 on windows and havin an Active Directory driver. We
have the following requirement and issue. Please help how to implement
and resolve the issue.

1. Whenever firstname/lastname/Initials changes in HR, it comes to IDM
and it has to update displayname, DN, Name and canonical name in AD.
Please let us konw how to implement this.

2. Issue:

User in IDM : SSIAS --> User in AD (Steve\, Sennet IAS) is changed to
(Steve Smith\, Sennet IAS)

When this users renamed in AD by manually via MMC (Steve\, Sennet IAS)
is changed to (Steve Smith\, Sennet IAS),
the driver renamed his IDM user name as Steve Smith\, Sennet IAS (but
earlier it was SSIAS).

How to block the rename events from both sides and also it should rename
it whenever there is a change in names (from IDM to AD).


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