we have IDM 4.0.2 and want to connect so SAP ECC 6.0 - HR Module.

There are the following requirements:

- Managing User Objects and Attributes in SAP
- Managing User Roles in SAP

we don't have any requirements to receive data from the sap system.

CUA is not in use.

now i have to tell the sap administrators how to configure the sap
system and im not sure witch parts from the documentation are really
necessary, if I only want to use the subsciber channel.

from my understanding, the JCO Client uses for the subscriber channel
only BAPI. but you call the BAPI methods by RFC, right? I am not sure,
if i have to create RFC destination.

Which parts from the SAP UM Driver documentation in chapter 3 are
needed, only for subscriber usage?

thanks in advance!


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