I can delete users from scripting driver using delete.vbs. But Failed to
delete user profile in windows 2003 (Non AD) server. User profiles are
present in C:\documents and settings folder with user login name.

I have noticed that delete.vbs script is running as local SYSTEM account
of windows 2003 to delete profile folder and showing permission deny
error to delete user profile folder. I have noticed that SYSTEM account
is having full permission in user profile folder too. But still can't
delete it.

As per requirement, new user will be provision on that server for few
days i.e. 2 or 3 days. So Expecting that there will be lots of pending
user profile along with existing local user profile. I was tested
delpro.exe of MS but can't run because its cleaning up all user profile.
So I can't accept it. Also Other then MS or Netiq tool we can't run in
that windows server. In addition WMI class i.e. win32_userprofile does
not exist in windows 2003.

I have also noticed that delete.vbs called twise during user delete
operation. Not sure why?

I am not getting any solution to remove user profile in windows 2003. Is
any one can help me on this issue?

Thanks and Regards


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