Does anyone have a decent document outlining the various use cases for the
PCRS package? I've read through what I've been able to find online and
find I'm still a bit fuzzy. I'm hoping I can use it to auto-create
resources for existing AD security groups and populate resource
assignments based on AD group memberships. Ideally, I'd like to be able
to add the package to an existing AD driver configuration where the
default AD entitlements (UserAccount, Group and ExchangeMailbox) are
present. Once I've got the resources built with user assignments, I want
to map the resources to existing roles and then clear out any directly-
assigned resources--leaving AD group memberships only for users with role-
assigned resources. What I've found is the PCRS package won't even
install if the standard AD entitlements package is present, so I may be
barking up the wrong tree. Any help would be appreciated.