We create our users in Oracle (JDBC) which then creates in our Identity
vault and then our eDir Tree and Active Directory. GroupWise Accounts
are also created. Currently our IDM system places new users in only one
OU in Active Directory /USERS. We would like to create several new OUs
in Active Directory such as; IT, Administration, Audits etc. We want
our new users to be placed in the applicable Active Directory OU based
on a company code. In our Identity Vault our Users are created in
/USERS/ACTIVE and then created in Active Directory in /USERS. Is there
a way I can edit the Subscriber Placement Policy on the AD driver to
have the Users placed in the applicable OU based on their company code.
Is it that simple? If not can you pretty please point me in the right
direction. Here is the current placement policy on the Active Directory
Subscriber channel: Thank you!!
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><policy>
<description>Mirrored Placement for all objects</description>
<if-src-dn op="in-subtree"
<token-unmatched-src-dn convert="true"/>
<token-text xml:space="preserve">,</token-text>
xml:space="preserve">cn=Users,dc=audits,dc=ga,dc=g ov</token-text>

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