Hi Guys,

I was modifying the driver and something that I found in the driver code
<do-clone-xpath dest-expression="AccountIdle"
src-expression="es:ldapSearch($LdapConnect, $LdapPort, $LdapUseTls,
$LdapTlsKeystore, $LdapTlsStorepass, $LdapLogin, $LdapPassword,
'~UserLdapSearchBase~', '~UserLdapSearchScope~', $filter,
$idle-attrlist, ~LdapMaxResultSet~)"/>

I am still not able to understand the usage of "AccountIdle" here?
Where is it being referred to?
When I change name here, the policies under #3 Reformat Values are not
Does AccountIdle has any relation to these?

Any please explain me this?
Thank you!

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