NetIQ IDM 4.0.2 AE. / SAP User Management Driver


We are in the design phase of the intergeneration of the SAP User
Management Driver. What we can see and have learnt from the default sap
user management driver configuration that it uses additional attributes
which are part of an Aux class called "sapAddOnUM" in Identity Vault.
But we are unable to see any policies/rules on driver configuration file
which is adding this class on the users in Identity vault, only sees a
removal of that class on delete event rules from the publisher channel.

the question is, can we already pre populate this aux class (sapAddOnUM)
on the target users in our Identity vault so that people in our
organization can already fill in the content on user attributes like
sapRoles before deploying/migrating users to sap driver?

The target driver set where the driver going to sit has one IDM 3.5.1
server (will be phased out soon) and two IDM 4.0.2 AE enabled servers.

Is there any possible error or harm that would we do by doing this?
and how actually novell thought of using the aux class sapAddOnUM
without any policies or rules on the driver?


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