I'm still trying to understand Identity Manager...

I have a test system with Identity Vault and Bidirectional eDir driver
running, change-log module on one of our servers in the production tree,
read only account for the driver. Now I'm trying to see and understand some
data transfer and policy-processing from the connected eDir to Identity

My first problem is: I don't see any event in the trace (level 3).

But I can create an event with "Migrate to Identiy Vault". What I don't
understand at all: all lines in the trace are ST! Shouldn't there be a lot
of PT if I do a migrate to IV?

Even an Event Transformation Policy which I defined only on the Publisher
Channel shows up with ST:

[10/28/13 17:38:11.527]:HSOG-eDir2eDir ST:Applying policy: %+C%14CHSOG-
[10/28/13 17:38:11.532]:HSOG-eDir2eDir ST: Applying to sync #1.

My question: do I understand something terribly wrong, or might this be
wrong in the trace?