working with O365 driver and have ran into a couple glitches when trying
to apply multiple licenses to user in a single event/transaction when a
user is entitled to / receives multiple licenses. If we separate out
the transactions and apply each license, 1 per event/transaction, then
it all works just fine. It seems the syntax the driver assembles is not
correct for the Set-MSolUserLicense.

<modify cached-time="20140912205314.654Z" class-name="MSolUser"
src-dn="\META-TREE\People\Users\ao365lictst" src-entry-id="151028"
<modify-attr attr-name="LicenseAssignment">
<value type="string">KuMed:OFFICESUBSCRIPTION_STUDENT</value>
<modify-attr attr-name="LicenseAssignment">
<value type="string">KuMed:STANDARDWOFFPACK_STUDENT</value>
<modify-attr attr-name="UsageLocation">
<value type="string">US</value>
<remove-all-values />
DirXML: [09/12/14 15:53:14.631]: TRACE: SUB: get-pssession
DirXML: [09/12/14 15:53:14.631]: TRACE: SUB: get-msoluser -ObjectID
DirXML: [09/12/14 15:53:14.897]: TRACE: SUB: get-pssession
DirXML: [09/12/14 15:53:14.897]: TRACE: SUB: Set-MSolUser -ObjectID
0d90a3e2-a4e5-4062-8279-7c8c8a282eaf -UsageLocation 'US'
DirXML: [09/12/14 15:53:15.116]: TRACE: SUB: get-pssession
DirXML: [09/12/14 15:53:15.116]: TRACE: SUB: Set-MSolUserLicense
-UserPrincipalName '' -AddLicenses
DirXML: [09/12/14 15:53:15.381]: TRACE: SUB: Unable to assign this
license because it is invalid. Use the Get-MsolAccountSku cmdlet to
retrieve a list of valid licenses.

I believe the correct syntax should be: Set-MSolUserLicense
-UserPrincipalName '' -AddLicenses

You see the difference with the additional ticks surrounding the comma
that separates the two licenses.

This rule is the "Assign Licenses for License Entitlement being granted
or revoked, in the NOVLOFFIENTEX-sub-ctp-EntitlementsImpl.Subscriber

We also found similar issue with it also trying to duplicate the
"UsageLocation" value do to the "for each/do" loop and we would end up
with it trying to put "US,US" into UsageLocation, which would throw a
syntax error since it is a 2 char destination field. So we moved that
rule outside of the "for each/do" loop, so we only get a single "US" as
shown above now. But that also seems like a bug with this particular

Has anyone else ran into this/fixed it ? or possibly it is a bug that
is already known??

Set-MsolUserLicense -ObjectId <Guid> [-AddLicenses <string[]>]
[-LicenseOptions <LicenseOption[]>] [-RemoveLicenses <string[]>]
[-TenantId <Guid>] [<CommonParameters>]

This is on a <product edition="Advanced"
version="">DirXML</product> engine
driver version: <product build="201309111957"
version="">Identity Manager Driv
er for Microsoft Office365</product>
eDir 8.8.8 P2 HF1 Binary Version: 20803.05

Thanks for any suggestions!

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