I've encountered the following issue intermittently

(trace): subscriberParseResponse: [IDMSETVAR: COMMAND=status]
(trace): subscriberParseResponse: [IDMSETVAR: STATUS_LEVEL=error]
(trace): subscriberParseResponse: [IDMSETVAR: STATUS_MESSAGE=Exception setting "InputEncoding": "The handle is invalid.]
(trace): subscriberParseResponse: ["At C:\Program Files\Novell\WSDriver\scripts\powershell\IDMLib.ps 1:62 char:5
+ [Console]::InputEncoding = [System.Text.Encoding]:efault

Using IDMLib.ps1 which shipped with the 4.0.2a scripting driver ISO.
Powershell 3.0 & the latest Public scripting binaries which add support
for Powershell 3.

There was a comment in an earlier version of IDMLib referring to this
section of code being problematic when using the script service (which I
am). Any suggestions regarding a workaround?

If no one has any suggestions, I'll go down the SR path.

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