I apologize if I get some terminology wrong, as I'm not a PeopleSoft

I have a site that has been using the PS driver for years. The PS
Component Interface (CI) is running right on the Linux host running the
IdM engine, so no remote loader, psjoa.jar is local. A recent audit
turned up that the communication between the client piece on the IdM
engine server and the PS backend is not encrypted, it is in the clear
(and I verified this with tcpdump and Wireshark). I believe this uses
something called Tuxedo Jolt(?). Short of using the remote loader and
putting the CI piece local on the PS app side, is there any way to
encrypt this traffic? Can Jolt be made to use SSL/TLS? Probably more
of an Oracle PS expert question, but before I pursue that I wanted to
see if anyone has done that? Otherwise, I'm going to have to pursue
switching to remote loader. Thanks!


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