I'm configuring my second .Net RemoteLoader here on a Windows server. The
first one is working fine, and the second is basically the same, just
with different ports specified.

The working one is configured for ports 8095 / 8005. On startup, using
SysInternals ProcMon, I see it open TCP communication to the local host
on port 288, then 289, then it opens a listener on 8095.

The not-working one is configured for ports 8096 / 9006. On startup, I
see it open comms to 288, 289, then it just dies. The RemoteLoaderSvc.exe
is still loaded and running, but it never opens the listener on 8096.

Both of these remoteloaders are being configured for Office365 drivers.
This isn't the problem where the RL console configures the driver wrong
and puts the SharePoint.dll in there. I've already checked that, and the
correct DLL is configured.

Anybody seen this before? Any ideas on what I'm missing or where I can
look to see why the service isn't opening its listener?

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu
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