1. When adding an attribute, to lets say, a User object, and this is
done from a driver, it is possible to set up reciprocal mappings in the
driver, to set the opposite link. This works for me, only if i doo the
add attribute in the driver. If the add attribute event is done from a
workflow, and my driver listents on that add attribute event, the
reciprocal attribute is not set. I guess this makes sense, since the add
attribute event is not done in the driver. So I have to set the
reciprocal value in the driver, manually. I would have thought the UA
engine would set the reciprocal value, when setting the attribute in the
entity? Am I suposed to have another entity where I set the other value?
This is simple and I have always handled it manually in the driver. The
same goes for remove attribute events. Maybe you can set reciprocal
mappings up somewhere so it always happens?

2. When adding an attribute to an object, where there attribute is on an
aux class which the object does not have, are you supposed to add the
aux class to the Object Class attribute first? For me, sometimes it adds
it automatically, but not always. Why does it only happen automatically

Simple things that have been bugging me

Thanks in advance,


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