The o365 driver by default assumes that "entitlements" are used (e.g.
the "entitlements" driver and web portal is set-up and user
accounts/groups etc. are provisioned through that).

For {customer} they do not require the fined grained controls provided
by "entitlements" so the "entitlements" settings have been disabled.
This results in the user being unconditionally provisioned, which is
what {customer} required.

The problem is that I cannot see how the "assign a office 365 license to
a user" function is to be performed without the extra overhead of fully
creating the "entitlements" infrastructure.

Since {customer} only require all users to be assigned the same (and
full) license on creation, it should be possible to "just assign the
license" without the "entitlements" mechanism being required.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to simple assign a single
license to all o365 users without using the "entitlments" feature?

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