Create a new driver for a LDAP target using ldap connector.

Subscriber channel is able to push all changes/create on user object to
target directory (no password synch is required). But publisher channel
is able, only, reading the changelog number, which is good; but what
come after the number is just a heartbeat event, and then Input
Transform start taking over. Since it is only a heartbeat, there is
nothing for input transform to process even you have something in the
rule set.

And when you make changes directly in the target using a different
acccount (vs the one connect to LDAP by the connector), the trace is
able to tell you it is moving to the next changelog number, but again,
only heartbeat. Errr...

There is no error message, which is very unfortunate. And our
Dirxml1.1a driver continue to work while the new driver doesn't!!!
The old driver is turn off now, BTW, just in case you ask.

I have a sense I miss configured something in the driver, which render
Publisher Channel not reading the event. Any suggestions? I know my
question is a bit wide open, if there are any more information I can
provide, please let me know.

Supplementary Info (not sure if these are helpful)
DriverConfiguration-DriverParameters-PublisherOptions has
Polling interval @ 30sec
Publication Method with Changelog
Changelog Entries to Process on Startup is "Previously unprocessed"

Publisher filter is allowing user object to synchronize, but only
workforceID has a reset on it. Org Unit & Group objectClasses are
ignored completely. User object in IDM vault is mapped to inetOrgPerson
in target LDAP. And no remote loader, non-SSL communication between

Appreciate any suggestions! Thanks

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