I wanted my windows scripting driver to create user in non AD windows
server i.e. on local user according to RBPM entitlement. So I was
created the scripting driver accordingly i.e. with entitlement. When I
am assigning user to a resource (from RBPM) where scripting has entitled
then scripting driver is calling modify.vbs and getting exact
association for that user. In modify.vbs I am checking whether user
exist or not and then creating the user from modify.vbs.

I was noticed that ADD.vbs does not called by scripting driver during
user entitlement and only MODIFY command is calling.

delete.vbs is working fine so when I am revoking access from RBPM then
users get deleted properly.

But issue is when I am creating users from modify.vbs then I am not
getting password from IDMGetEventValue("PASSWORD").

I was noticed that when I am changing password of users in IDM then
password get changed for entitled users using ModifyPassword.vbs.

Is any one can help me to deploy users using scripting with entilement
and password.

Please find attached RL trace. If required I can enable scripting driver
tracing in IDM too. Please advice.194



|Filename: trace.log |
|Download: https://forums.netiq.com/attachment....tachmentid=194 |

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