We are using IDM 4.0.2 in Windows. We have a SAP UM (Non CUA) driver.

We are using the default configuration for the SAP UM driver and able to
create/match users successfully.

Query 1:
The new users are created without employee number in SAP UM system. Also
checked the Driver filter / mapping, there is no mapping for it.
Already existing user alos mapped based on sapusername. But we want to
do mapping based on Employee number.

As per our requirement, we have to push workforceid from IDM to SAP UM
and map based on Employee number.
Please let know the exact attribute map in SAP UM to implement this.

Query 2:
We have 3 SAP UM systems. Like LP1, LP2 and LPT. All are non-cua
systems. So, we could use 3 SAP UM drivers connecting to SAP UM systems

If we use 3 drivers, how can we set the values in eDirectory for the
below SAP related attributes specific to each system.

Can we create custom attributes for the above for each clienat and
change the default mapping in the drivers?
sapUserName-LP1, sapRoles-LP1, sapProfiles-LP1
sapUserName-LP2, sapRoles-LP2, sapProfiles-LP2
sapUserName-LPT, sapRoles-LPT, sapProfiles-LPT

Is this a valid approach ? If not, is there any other approach?

Note: We do not use SAP CUA client.

Thanks in advance.


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