How do I “Provisioning Exchange 2007 and 2013 Accounts” from an AD
Remote Loader 4.0.2 (Patch: idm402ad4002.zip).
The IDM_Powershell_Service/IDMPowerShellService.exe with the Exchange
2013 PowerShell Management Tools will not Provisioning Exchange 2007
account. The AD Driver gives this error: ADDriver: Exchange: IDM
PowerShell Service Response ERROR: The Mailbox database "EXC2007\First
Storage Group\EXCH2007" isn't on a server running Exchange 2013 or a
later version. If you want to create or enable a Exchange 2010 mailbox,
or want to enable the archive or remote archive for a Exchange 2010 Sp1
mailbox, please execute the cmdlet from a Exchange 2010 server.

If I Provisioning the user to Exchange 2013 it is created without any

Can it be done in any ways?

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