I'm currently investigating if it makes sense to replace email notifications
implemented using token do-send-email with code that calls
do-send-email-from-template. Having not authored email templates in a while, I
quickly re-discovered a few critical limitations:

- the subject is static and seems to not support replacement tokens. So you
cannot e.g. include the affected user name in the subject
- SMTP server (an it's login credentials) and "from" address is set per
notification collection and cannot be overridden/changed on a per email basis
- Designer and iManager seem to support exclusively the "Default Notification
Collection" for editing/packaging (even though token
do-send-email-from-template asks for it as a parameter and let's you change it)

So this basically forces all template-based emails to have the same sender, use
the same SMTP server/credentials and prevents sending emails with meaningful
subjects that you do not need to dive into each to get the message across
(like: "Your account 'geoffc' has been locked by intruder until 2013-11-21

I even searched documentation but found no way around those limitations. Anyone
with an idea?

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