Hi, i'm currently working in a lab Environment with the bidirectional
e-directory driver, i get it to work perfectly from vault to tree
(subscriber), but not from tree to vault (Publisher).

I have the changelog up and running, in the startup trace i see that the
driver is connected to it, but when i add a user, or try to synchronize
from imanager, i never even see the data, just a pile of filtered out
classes in the trace, like this (i have blocked the subscriber channel

13:58:45 C4A91700 Drvrs: Tree ST:No event transformation policies.
13:58:45 C4A91700 Drvrs: Tree ST:End transaction.
13:58:45 C4A91700 Drvrs: Tree ST:Start transaction.
13:58:45 C4A91700 Drvrs: Tree ST:Processing events for transaction.
13:58:45 C4A91700 Drvrs: Tree ST: Filtered out <sync class-name='Organizational Unit'>.
13:58:45 C4A91700 Drvrs: Tree ST:
<nds dtdversion="4.0" ndsversion="8.x">
<product edition="Standard" version="">DirXML</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>

now, i know for a fact that the organizational unit IS enabled on
Publisher channel:

<filter-class class-name="Organizational Unit" publisher="sync" subscriber="ignore">
<filter-attr attr-name="OU" publisher="sync" subscriber="sync"/>
<filter-attr attr-name="L" publisher="sync" subscriber="sync"/>
<filter-attr attr-name="Description" publisher="sync" subscriber="sync"/>

but nothing in the tree gets even as far as the matching policy on the
Publisher channel. Added traces to see every step, and i can trace from
the input transformation policy, but wont really get any data. For
example tracing class name, will be an empty string.

I tried doing the same thing with the ldap driver, and it works
perfectly. The version of the driver and changelog is 4.0.11, idm is
4.0.2, PL6 applied.

Any ideas where to begin?

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