We have Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1 and User Application (3.6.1 patch
I) on SUSE 10 SP2 with eDirectory 8.8.3.

During last 2 weeks we have received several users warnings about the
impossibility to access User Application: login denied with message
"Invalid User ID or Password".
We are sure that the userId and password typed was exact.

Note that:
- Universal Password are syncronized with Active Directory domain
password and the user continue to access the domain without problems

- No password reset/change was done before the problem araised

- Resetting and changing the password, all returns to work and the issue
in not reappeared for the same user.

- The day before the first warning, we disabled anonymous access to
eDirectory. We do not see any correlation but signal this for further

Has anyone had the same issue and how we can resolve it in case that
it will be present again ?

Thanks !

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