I try to add dynamic content to an email template, in two ways

1- Trying to add a list with break lines in an email template (Sent as

For that I calculate the list by putting "\n" in a for each"
for example let the list be as follow " Alex \n Jhonny \n maurice
After that I map the email template token to " Alex \n Jhonny \n
maurice \n"
Bad surprise when receiving the notification the "\n" are rendred
as they are and not as break lines
I would like them to be rendred as break lines

2- Trying to add a bit comlicated HTML content to my template for that I
created a template (sent as HTML)

I started first by a simple test : populating a token by
"<h3>Welcome New user</h3>"
Bad surprise : the token is rendred as it is and not as an html
content so I can see in the email "<h3>Welcome New user</h3>"

Could anyone help ?


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