We are planning to upgrade from Identity Manager 3.6.X to 4.0.2. One of
the drivers we are running is to connect to our PeopleSoft system.

Our current PeopleSoft version is PeopleSoft Student Administration
(Learning Solutions) version 8.0 SP1 PeopleTools version 8.22.20.

Now what is the correct value to look at?

The documentation for the PeopleSoft 5.2 Driver says PeopleSoft
Application Server with PeopleTools 8.17 or later versions in the 8.1x
release, 8.20 or later versions in the 8.2x release, 8.41 or later
versions in the 8.4x release, or 8.50 and later versions in the 8.5x

When the document says the 8.1x release, does that mean the full

Any help will be appreciated.

Chris Toledo
City Colleges of Chicago.

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