I have an Exchange 2010 environment and running IDM 3.6.1 (AD Driver is
3.5.17) using remote loader.

IDM is able to create AD accounts but when fails to create Exchange
mailbox. I can successfully create mailboxes using the powershell script
generated by IDM from ADRemoteLoader.log file using the same account
used in Ex_2010_service.

The event viewer on the remote loader server give the following error:

-Driver: \META\admin\idm\IDM Driver Set\META-TO-AD
Thread: Subscriber Channel
Object: mydomain\user1
Message: Exchange 2007 Exception. code:0x0000274d Connnection Error.
Make sure service is Running-

The above log is stating Exchange 2007 whereas I have exchange 2010. I
have configured correct Exchange server version in the MEDA-to-AD XML

Any assistance is much appreciated.


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