I have a situation in loopback driver where I need to remove the roles
assigned to a user based on the location change(which is stored in a
custom attribute whWorkLocationCode). Now the remove role action
requires the role dn in LDAP format so I tried to query the source
datastore(IDV) to retrieve all the roles whose equivalentToMe attribute
is equal to the dn of the user.

In the query I have mentioned the following:

select Object-root of datastore
match attribute- equivalentToMe (whose value is equal to the source dn
of the user and the value type is dn)
read attribute-cn

The query doesn't return anything, however there are 5 roles assigned to
that user. Why I am not getting any result?

Also, in a query is it possible to use regular expression in the
matching attribute value? I tried using ((?i)terminated | (?i)disable)
to match the users whose status is either terminated or disable, the
query didn't returned any value. Is this kind regular expression is
supported in query noun?

Any help in these issues will be truely appreciated..Thanks.

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