I have a site running IDM4.02.
It has a synced AD domain and the o365 Driver installed which uses the
GUID from this domain to provide the required ID (ImutableID) into a
ADFS federated (through the afore mentioned AD domain) o365 instance.

It all works fine (some minor error regrading not being able to
synchronize passwords on Federated account, nothing that stops it
working though).

The problem I have is that hte o365 driver sets the email address to the
"userPrinciple name" and there does not seem to be any mechanism to
change it retrospectively.

The driver diligently synchronizes the "internet-email address" to the
"alternate email address" of the created account BUT THAT DOES NOTHING

This is very easily achieved using powershell directly:
For the test user: Steve Bigshot once the exchange
account was ready I run the following command

Set-Mailbox -Identity sb666666 -WindowsEmailAddress

This set the primary smtp address to in all
the right places, primarysmtpaddress, proxyaddressess etc.

How do I get the o365 driver to do the same??? and what is the point of
the synchronization of the "internet-email address" to the useless
attribute "alternate email address"????

I wasted a lot of time tracing the synchronization of the "internet
email address" to 'alternate email address" thinking that was supposed
to be the mechanism for setting the preferred email address (That would
be too obvious!!!)

It's odd that the driver can do everything required to provision the
user except all a change of email address.

I've struggled to understand the o365 driver so it's possible I have
just completely missed something obvious (I'm happy to 'look the fool'
and find out this is easily fixed).

Please note: the customer DOES NOT WANT the user principle name changed
as it impacts on the other account synchronizations etc. They just want
to set a "more human friendly email address"...

It seems like such a simple request...

Please help.


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