Hi all,

I'm currently having troubles with the bidirectionnal edirectory

My Driver is configured to connect to an edirectory server using SSL,
and accepting every server certificate (Dev server).

When i try to start it, the driver immediatly stops, showing me a
"Protocol Error" in the logfile.
Looking for my solution, i saw that i forgot to install the ChangeLog
RPM on the connected system name.

In order to do that, i have stopped ndsd, installed the RPM (i had to
use --replacefiles because there was a conflict with DXMLEvents) and
restarted the ndsd service.

After that, the problem is still the same. I tried to install the RPM on
the IDM Server too, but didn't got more success.

Here is the part of the logfile showing the error:

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \BLG-QUALTREE\system\DriverSet\Bi-directional eDirectory
Channel: Publisher
Status: Fatal
Message: Protocol Error
[12/06/13 10:06:06.308]:edirectory-bi PT:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \BLG-QUALTREE\system\DriverSet\Bi-directional eDirectory
Channel: Publisher
Status: Fatal
Message: Code(-9005) The driver returned a "fatal" status indicating that the driver should be shut down. Detail from driver: Protocol Error<application>DirXML</application>
<module>Bi-directional eDirectory</module>
[12/06/13 10:06:06.309]:edirectory-bi PT:Killing driver from publisher thread; after PublicationShim.start().
[12/06/13 10:06:06.309]:edirectory-bi PT:Requesting termination.
[12/06/13 10:06:06.312]:edirectory-bi PT:Ending publisher thread.
[12/06/13 10:06:06.335]:edirectory-bi ST:Leaving event loop.
[12/06/13 10:06:06.335]:edirectory-bi ST:Shutting down DirXML driver \BLG-QUALTREE\system\DriverSet\Bi-directional eDirectory.
[12/06/13 10:06:06.335]:edirectory-bi ST:Bi-directional eDirectory: DriverShim.shutdown()
[12/06/13 10:06:06.335]:edirectory-bi ST:Bi-directional eDirectory: EDIRPublicationShim.stop()
[12/06/13 10:06:06.335]:edirectory-bi ST:Bi-directional eDirectory: EdirPublisher.stop()
[12/06/13 10:06:06.335]:edirectory-bi ST:Bi-directional eDirectory: EdirPublisher.stop() : Thread is waiting, publisher can send last successful ChangeNumber if any
[12/06/13 10:06:06.839]:edirectory-bi ST:Bi-directional eDirectory: EdirPublisher.stop() : Unexpected error occured while stopping driver. Reason : Protocol Error
[12/06/13 10:06:06.839]:edirectory-bi ST:Bi-directional eDirectory: Cleaning up auto keystore : eDir2eDir-CE251421-83AC-4662-6386-211425CEAC83.keystore
[12/06/13 10:06:06.840]:edirectory-bi ST:Bi-directional eDirectory: SubShim.stop()
[12/06/13 10:06:06.840]:edirectory-bi ST:Bi-directional eDirectory: EDIRSub.stop()
[12/06/13 10:06:06.841]:edirectory-bi STriverShim.shutdown() returned

Thank you in advance!

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