I want subscribe user data from IDM to MSSQL by using Direct+Trigger
But I got following error message -->

anybody know about this message?
I try to modify my "view" many times, but the error message was same.
so anybody can help me? Please~~
Thank you very much.

PS. My view and table schema as following:

create table employee(
idu varchar(20) not null primary key,
idg varchar(20),
fname varchar(20),
lname varchar(20),
pwd varchar(20),
title varchar(20),
manager varchar(20)

constraint fk_idg_emp foreign key (idg) references department(idg),
constraint fk_manager foreign key (manager) references employee(idu)

CREATE VIEW v_employee
SELECT emp.idu as 'pk_idu', emp.fname, emp.lname, emp.pwd, emp.title,
emp.manager as 'fk_manager', eod.idg as 'fk_emp_of_dep_idg'
from employee emp left join emp_of_dep eod
on emp.idu = eod.idu

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