The following is an excerpt from the Office 365 driver document
regarding the authentication section of the driver configuration.

For the Office 365 driver, it stores the information required to
authenticate to the Office 365 server
with which the driver is associated.

Authentication ID: Specify the DN of the LDAP account that the driver
will use to authenticate to
connected Office 365 server.

Connection Context: Specify the hostname or IP address of the Office 365
server, as well as the
decimal port number. For example,

I am trying to understand this driver based on my experience with the
active directory driver. Thus as far as this authentication ID, is that
the Office365 account with administrative privileges in the requirements
section? If so, do it have to exist in the active directory domain as
well? I am confused about the term "DN of the LDAP account."

As far as the connection context, do I need to use the hostname or IP
address of the Microsoft server hosting Office365? Is that what is
supposed to be in that field?

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