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I have a couple of hours to go on my download of all the files still,
Designer first! Woo Hoo! Can't wait!

The docs are not yet live, but the download page has this note as one of
the new features:

No Reference Association for Drivers

Identity Manager 4.5 includes a new feature called No Reference
Association for Identity Manager drivers. You can use this feature along
with the legacy associations for an Identity Manager driver. Identity
Manager uses associations for identifying objects to which changes can
be applied. Information related to a driver in an association is
maintained in the eDirectory attribute. Though this reduces the overhead
that might be incurred when objects need to be matched each time updates
are applied on them, performing reference checks in large deployments
can be an overhead. The No-Reference Association for drivers can be used
in such situations.

So is that really true? The reason to change from Path syntax
DirXML-Associations to string syntax, formatted in LDAP style with #
delimiters is because there is overhead matching objects, one at a time?

I thought the issue was that DN Reference attributes are painful for
Dsrepair to process. In fact Dsrepair time span is proportional to the
number of references in the DIB. The more, the slower. IDM adds
multiples per user, so potentially many many more due to IDM.